One More Opportunity….

…to get a very special offer on my debut CD
‘Afraid to Dance.’

Thanks again for ordering my album. As I mentioned before, I’d wait until you had a chance to check out ‘X-Ray Glasses’ and then send you this offer one more time…

As a purchaser of ‘X-Ray Glasses,’ you can complete your Eric Colville collection by getting a copy of ‘Afraid to Dance’ at 30% off the regular price. This album contains award-winning compositions and two songs which were featured on ABC’s All My Children. This is my debut album and I’m pretty proud of it. I REALLY think you will like it.

Here’s what one reviewer said about the album….

“Back to the CD, there isn’t a single weak spot on it, except maybe my getting tired
of “Back to Bed” after the 150th cycle through. “Afraid to Dance” is a great rock-pop
tune with a catchy chorus and sing along ease – radio friendly. “Don’t Wanna Fall,”
the album’s best, is a tremendous love song that any musician would wish was their
own. “View from Above” is a strong mid-tempo number about mortality, and “Someone in
the World” is a wonderful contemplative ballad about searching for love. And all the
songs in between are just as good. Every now and then someone comes along that turns
heads in a matter of minutes and Eric Colville is the latest.”

William Huffman ~ JAM Music Magazine

This album normally sells at a retail price of $11.95 but as a THANK YOU for ordering my latest album I am offering it to you for just $7.95.

This is a limited time offer good for 24 hours total after which it will be gone for good.

1. Five Days Over
2. Afraid to Dance
3. Damn Near Anything
4. Back to Bed
5. Don’t Wanna Fall
6. Josephine
7. View from Above
8. Be Alright
9. Angelina
10. Someone in the World

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