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imagineThis is one of my favorite songs and I want to share it with you now because I believe that more than ever we need to end the concept war as a mean to resolve our conflicts. That is what this song is about as it imagines war in the past-tense – as something we used to do. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This song won a first place in the Great American Songwriting Contest as well as the USA Songwriting Contest, which was really exciting but what mattered to me more was that is was embraced by Veterans for Peace, World Beyond War and other peace organizations around the world. I also performed the song at a Veterans for Peace Memorial Day vigil in Boston and I felt especially gratified that the song resonated with Veterans. Honestly, I was not confident it would be well-received by those who had served in the armed forces.

It is my hope that you will like and embrace it too, and maybe we can change the world.

Peace –